Working Towards a Sustainable Future


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered

Society and Business in Sustainable Future

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Social and environmental impacts are of the utmost concern to the modern world. Global sustainability movements have highlighted the urgent need to operate within the planet’s resource limits to ensure that we can meet the needs of both present and future generations.

Future-Gen (the largest market segment) believe they have the power to make a positive change, but they recognize that organizations must drive action on social and environmental issues.


Seventy-six percent of people believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money. As a result, a growing number of organizations are undergoing a sustainable business transformation to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) into their business strategy.

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Everyone can claim that they are a sustainability/ESG goodwill but what matters is how that goodwill makes potential customers feel.

ESG Goodwill that is truly seen as sustainable evoke an emotional reaction from customers. Businesses need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk – they need to truly address social and environmental issues.

Social Endorsement can enhances engagement,   ESG identification and purchase intention.

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